TexSupport Terms and Conditions

Our free tech support service is provided free under these Terms and Conditions.

Effective 27th April 2022, 129 Words, about 1 min reading time

1. Service options

We provide our free tech support service via email, Matrix, or iMessage. Please do not ask us to use other services such as phone or Discord.

2. Privacy

Once you send us a message via email, Matrix, or iMessage, we do not share it with anyone. We treat all communications received as confidential.

3. Jokes

While it is funny, we ask that you don't waste our time sending us thousands of joke messages, such as your iPhone not turning on after smashing it with a hammer.

4. Etiquette

Please apply proper etiquette when sending us messages. We will not tolerate abuse, pornographic content, profanity etcetera.

5. Copyright

We will not support you in violating the copyright laws, such as downloading pirated content and using illegal apps.

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